scrap metal

Plant disposal/dismantling

At Sackers we like a challenge – and some of the projects we’ve been involved in have been exactly that.

Specialist apparatus such as our ‘Hiab’ crane with flexible telescopic extensions allow us to access areas of buildings that would otherwise prove impossible; extremely useful in the case of plant disposal or dismantling of industrial facilities for recycling.

Factories, warehouses and even underground locations can be cleared of equipment, both inside and out, and dismantled by our expert engineers with the minimum disruption to the surroundings; taking the strain and providing a single point of contact for the complete dismantling and disposal of the facility. Large items of industrial plant or equipment can be collected and taken to our site , where they will be processed and disposed with the utmost responsibility.

Plant that we have managed in the past consist of 40 tonne transformers, switchgear, large manufacturing machines and much more.


With the help of Sackers and our supporters we have reached a little over 85% recycling rate.

Trevor Kirton - Stadium Manager, Ipswich Town Football Club