2019 see’s investment in new machinery to offer best metal prices to customers

2019 see’s investment in new machinery to offer best metal prices to customers

Scrap cable

An excitingly new start for 2019 starts off for us with the installation of a new Cable Granulator which will be up and running in February. This will allow us to process cable at our site rather than selling it on for processing. It means we can cut out the middle man so we can pay our customers who bring their cable the BEST price.


How it works

  • Stage one: a Rasper chops the cable into 10/12mm pieces and a magnetic belt removes the steel and other magnetic products.
  • Stage two: a Buffer Silo spreads the pieces to ensure they are evenly fed into the granulator.
  • Stage three: the granulator processes it into finer pieces of around 4mm or less -in all shapes and sizes.
  • Stage four: a Separation Table vibrates the processed pieces using gravity to separate the plastic from the copper.

The machine will run for 8 hours a day and will process and incredible 84kg of cable every minute!

Once the copper is processed, it will be sold to customers all over the world but mostly India and China. It is usually recycled back into more copper cable.

If you have any cable or metal that you would like to get rid of, get in touch. We pay the best rates, guaranteed. Alternatively if you are interested in purchasing metal – we have aluminium, copper, steel – you name it, we have it! Get in touch 01473 830373 or email recycle@sackers.co.uk

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