About Sackers.

Over several decades, Sackers has consistently transformed the way we view scrap metal and waste recycling, utilising the right technology and people.

We believe we’ll be at the centre of tomorrow’s recycling strategies too by investing in the best machinery and equipment.

About Sackers 1


Established circa 1929 in Ipswich, the company has grown significantly operating from two large sites close to Ipswich, Suffolk. One scrap metal site is in Claydon and the general commercial waste site is 5 minutes up the road in Needham Market.

We are still a family business turning over 35+ million pounds per annum. We deliver the same added value services as the business has always achieved.

Our performance

We have invested in recent years in plant and equipment that allows us to handle and process all grades of scrap metal and waste.  This has stopped material moving around the country and as such reducing our carbon footprint.

With the only metal shredder in East Anglia it allows us to be the final processor before the metal is exported around the World.  The shredder allows us to recycle 100% of our metal – all metals of all grades!

Our continued investment will support our commitment to quality and efficiencies that we can pass on to our customers.

Full service

Our services range from one-off skip hire to large commercial waste contracts.  Combine this with our dedicated account management and best prices, it makes us to to scrap metal and waste experts.