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Cheque Exchange at Sackers.

Our quick and convenient cheque cashing service allows you to receive cash for your scrap within minutes whilst complying with HMRC and local law enforcement requirements.

  • Get the cash you want for your scrap
  • Quick and convenient process
  • Fully compliant with legal and HMRC requirements

How do you get cash for your scrap through the cheque exchange service?

We will issue you a cheque for your metal.   If you ask us to cash that cheque instead of taking it to your bank, we will give you the value minus a small fee. There is a small charge of £1 for anything under £50 or 2% on anything over £50.

However, we must have proof of address. If you are using your driving licence as ID you will need another form of ID for your address. Once you are on the system, you won’t need to keep bringing ID for a year or sooner if your ID expires.

Contact us for more information about our scrap metal prices or our metal buying process.

In partnership with Cheque Exchange Limited.

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