Investment to recycle more

The business has significantly invested further in new recycling plant as part of growth plans.  

The top-of-the-range recycling equipment enables the business to further enhance the production on an existing process that turns cable waste into two items of end product: pure copper and pure plastic, ready for further recycling.  The new process will increase the copper quality to 99.95% purity by better media separation technology. In turn, it also produces a purer plastic recycling product.

The new investment allows the business to recycle more cable, faster and more efficiently than before.  The £350,000 investment in a Turbo Mill is an addition to an existing piece of plant called the Granulator, which cuts and separates the copper in the cable, from the plastic.  The recent investment speeds up the recycling process allowing the company to process more tonnes of cable by 25%. The 25% uplift in productivity with the new turbo mill, will enable the business to recycle up to 900 tonnes of cable per month.

The purity of the end product of copper and plastic is more desirable for our recycling partners around the world, giving the business more sales outlets and demand for the end products.

David Dodds says “we are always looking for ways of improving our processes and getting a purer product in all areas of our business. The purer the product, the better it is for recycling and it’s more desirable to our end customer.  Markets are always changing and technology is advancing which is always opening new opportunities for the business to continually invest.”

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