Waste Collection and Recycling.

From one-off skips to large waste contracts with dedicated account management and on-going support Sackers Scrap Metal and Waste are the experts.

General Waste.

Many of our customers combine general waste service with our dry mixed recycling service.

This ensures that your waste is segregated effectively, helping you to meet current waste legislation requirements and indeed reducing costs.

Whatever the size of your business, we have a recycling and waste solution that will suit your business, premises and waste streams.

One of our team will assess your requirements; the number of bins required, the number of locations, the waste streams and the number of collections needed to ensure the solution is the most cost effective and efficient possible.

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We process, recover,
recycle and dispose
of all 
waste types.

We process and treat all types of waste, our suppliers vary in size ranging from large industrial and commercial companies to the general public, everybody is afforded the same welcome at Sackers.

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We sell.

We sell Baled OCC carboard, various grades of plastic film, ridged plastic, mixed papers and much more.

We can load shipping containers using our loading dock and container inverter as well as loading curtain side trailers for UK markets.

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Dry Mixed Recyling

Increase the amount of waste you recycle.

Dry Mixed Recycling.

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) is a way of disposing of clean and uncontaminated recyclable materials, giving organisations and businesses the ability to embrace recycling.

The easiest way to introduce mixed recycling to your business is by having a multiple stream recycling solution where all materials can be placed into one single container, eliminating lots of different skips/bins, increased traffic movements and best of all keeping things easy.

This will also increase the amount of waste you recycle.

Cardboard, mixed papers, magazines, plastics, tins, cans and plastic bottles can be placed into our mixed recycling skip/bin.

It is very important your recycling isn’t contaminated by waste, such as food and or liquid left in its packaging as this can have a detrimental effect on how things are processed.

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