Schools learning about recycling metal waste

Not a Wasted Trip

Schools learning about recycling metal

All Suffolk primary schools were invited to tour Sackers Waste recycling sites in the lead up to World Recycling Day on 18th March.

School groups have visited the waste recycling site(s) which have included pupil roles such as school prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, wildlife ambassadors and representatives from the school councils. They learnt about the recycling process.



5th March, kick started the visits from the schools with visits from Sidegate Primary school and Gusford Primary School, other schools following suit over the next few weeks.  The pupils are using the experience to present their findings in assembly to educate the rest of the school prior to global recycling day. In addition, Sackers has offered all Suffolk schools a free skip for metal waste.  The idea is for schools to encourage families and pupils to bring in their old metal items on or around the 18th March. The metal will be brought back to Sackers and weighed, and the value of the metal in the skip will be paid to the school in fundraising efforts.

Adrian Dodds, Joint MD from Sackers says “We cannot underestimate how important it is for the everyone to be recycling as much as possible. It’s unsustainable to continue the way we are, so they way forward, without a doubt, is for recycling to become a priority and who better to lead on this than the next generation”

“Most schools who have got involved have already had a very strong environmental commitment, so this complements what the schools are already trying to achieve. It’s great to see their faces light up with the scale of the work we do here and how a car gets shredded in 60 seconds really does make an impact.”  Helen Crapnell, Marketing Manager.

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