large cable for recycling

Sackers secure recycling contract for UK’s biggest electrical distributor

Sackers secure recycling contract for UK Power Networks recycled cable Sackers has secured the contract with UK Power Networks for removal and disposal of scrap metal and cable for recycling in London and the South East. The team delivering the project has over 30 years’ experience in the utility and energy sector and is therefore…

Metal exporting goes up 77% in last 3 years

Sackers hit international trade growth record Sackers have seen impressive growth of 77% in international trade since 2016, that’s averaging 21% year on year. Sackers are experts in processing scrap metal and sorting it into purer groups within ferrous and non-ferrous categories. The goods are sold for recycling to manufacturers.  Their international sales are made…

Sackers recruit three Inspire students after successful work experience course Sackers Recycling have held 2 weeks work experience on for young adults via the Inspire Step Up programme. The course is designed to provide young people between 16-24 years the opportunity to gain industry related training and qualifications. This is their stepping stone into employment…

Think about it

Is there danger, can thing be done better? We are encouraging staff to make conscious efforts in #healthandsafety, #quality of product and service to customers, #wellbeing of each other and themselves including #mentalhealth and last but not least, #environment. This is the criteria which has formed our new #thinksmartcampaign. It's about setting standards for all individuals in the business so our staff are happy…

Cash in Trash

Cash in Trash Four locked safes came into our scrap metal yard at Great Blakenham, near Ipswich.  It’s not uncommon to have safes come in for scrapping, however it is unusual for them to be filled with anything.  As the safes got snipped open with a mobile shear, staff discovered about £20,000 in one of…
skip hire

Skip hire to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice

Skip hire used in fundraising for St Elizabeth Hospice Sackers are using waste and recycling to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice after becoming a 30th Partner in March. Being a partner is a pledge to raise £3,000 for the charity over the course of the year. Skips with the St Elizabeth logo have been…

Council stops collecting metal on recycling rounds

Council stops collecting metal on recycling rounds Suffolk councils have announced that residents are not allowed to put metal items such as pots or pans in their recycling bin, in a bid to reduce costs at their sorting plants. TetraPak style cartons are also banned from recycling bins because they make up less than 1%…
guiness recycling

Drinks manufacturers not canning their environmental responsibility

There’s huge strides being made by drinks manufacturers to reduce their plastic waste. The latest is Diageo who own Guinness, they will be removing plastic ring carriers and shrink wrap from its multipacks.  Instead they will be using biodegradable cardboard packs.  They promise they will be sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable. The cans, including the…

Processed copper

China’s plans to tighten laws on importing waste

China is facing a backlog of 60 to 70 billion metric tons of waste so it tightening laws on waste imports and in the latest article in the Global Recycling Today, it aims to have zero waste imports by next year.   China has already made strides on this and has seen a 47% decrease…

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