Investment to increase recycling rates

Suffolk-based recycling firm, Sackers, has invested further significant amounts in a new recycling plant as part of its sustainable waste recovery and efficiency plans.

The £500,000.00 investment is in a TOMRA METAL FINDER 2400, and the integration into our existing metal processing line. The TOMRA is an intelligent sensor-based plant that recovers valuable non-ferrous metals from mixed waste fractions.

The processing unit harnesses the power of electromagnetic sensors and built-in machine intelligence to instantly detect metals, regardless of material complexity or grain size. The process reduces our waste to landfill and allows us to have more environmental value in our processes. In turn, driving increased productivity as the mixed metal with value in it, will go on to further recycling and precious metal recovery.

CEO David Dodds says “The TOMRA delivers exceptionally high levels of metal purity with sensor technologies identifying material with metal fractions in it and creates additional value to our waste stream. This will help us with our sustainable objectives by avoiding sending material to landfill that previously would have contained high-value non-ferrous metals. Recycle more and recycle effectively.

We are always looking for ways of improving our processes to recover as much valuable resource as possible from all of the raw materials we buy. The more we recover, the more we recycle and the world’s resources are left unscathed.   Technology is always developing and advancing, so our stance is that we will continue to invest if it is going to benefit the business and the environment.”

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