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China’s plans to tighten laws on importing waste


China is facing a backlog of 60 to 70 billion metric tons of waste so it tightening laws on waste imports and in the latest article in the Global Recycling Today, it aims to have zero waste imports by next year.


China has already made strides on this and has seen a 47% decrease in waste imports from the previous year.


China are aiming to only accept high quality material and some waste can only get through if it can be treated as a common commodity,  not waste.


The plans are only at policy stage at the moment and major industries are negotiating with Beijing as it will significantly impact their own raw material source. If it goes ahead, all importers will be required to have an importing licence, therefore leaving all traders with no import option only raw material users will be able to import.


David Dodds, MD and Head of Sales to China and India says “We’ve seen signs of this happening already within our scrap metal exports.  It’s the reason behind why we have invested in a granulator to produce pure material without any debris attached. So when we sell them copper, it’s simply the very best material without any of the plastic attached. We are always aiming to stay ahead of the game”.


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